Flooring ideas

When considering ideas for flooring a room, there are many factors to take into consideration.  The size of the room, the lighting, the use of the room and the colour scheme.

Rooms that need flooring to be waterproof and wipe cleanable like a bathroom, kitchen, shower room or utility room usually have different requirements to living areas like bedrooms, offices or lounges, although with the modern trend of open plan living spaces, these different areas are more likely to flow into one, so flooring has to be multi-functional.

Flooring tile ideasWhen looking for flooring ideas, many people start with the shape and size of the tile they are looking for.  There are so many types of floor tiles, particularly porcelain, and many people like to go for an irregular mix of sizes, rather than a single uniform size.  This is known as multi format, and is a mixture of 3, 4 or 5 tile sizes, giving a more rustic look to your flooring, even though there is a pattern to follow.  The more contemporary take on the multi format tiling, is to use sharp, square edged tiles, giving a crisp, clean look, rather than rustic.

Larger size tiles, 60 x 60cm or even 80 x 80cm, are often used in large open spaces as opposed to various rooms or smaller rooms where smaller tiles, and even patterned floor tiles can give a unique twist to your home.  This trend is currently very much in fashion – some of our ranges are a full mix of patterns, while others are single designs, usually in blacks and greys, but we also have more colourful ranges.

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